Minnesota’s State Soil, Farming and the Marshall Picker

Minnesota’s Lester Soil In 2012, Lester soil was declared Minnesota’s Official State Soil. According to the Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists, “Lester soils are well drained and formed in loamy, calcareous glacial till on ground moraines.” Farmers in Minnesota know this means our soils have rich organic matter at the top layers. As the…

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Getting to Know the Marshall Picker Rock Picker

Marshall Picker Manual Hand Held Control

The Marshall Rock Rock Picker is easy to use and with care and attention will provide years of service to you and your farm. You’ll love the responsiveness of the Marshall Picker, speed and power to haul rocks season to season. Expect to see an increase of 50% productivity on your farm! Watch a video…

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A Rock Picker That’s Easy To Use Out In The Field

4 Button Pendant Controller on ATV Rock Picker

The Marshall Picker is designed to serve our customers by increasing your efficiency and taking on some of the heavy lifting that comes with managing a farm. The work is tough but we know it’s worth it. The Marshall Picker increases your productivity when you’re out in the field and helps reduce your labor costs…

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Pick Rock from the Seat of your ATV with the Marshall Picker

As farmers we know what is likely on your mind these days; getting those rocks cleared before the plants start popping up. When it comes to running the farm operation your top priorities are getting things done efficiently, while keeping the farm and financials in check. The last thing you can afford is the time…

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