Minnesota’s State Soil, Farming and the Marshall Picker

Minnesota’s Lester Soil

In 2012, Lester soil was declared Minnesota’s Official State Soil. According to the Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists, “Lester soils are well drained and formed in loamy, calcareous glacial till on ground moraines.” Farmers in Minnesota know this means our soils have rich organic matter at the top layers. As the earth shifts over time, so do the glacial sediments left over 10,000 behind as glaciers moved across the land. This mean every year farmers are planning ahead for rock picking before planting and harvest seasons.

The Marshall Picker, Making Life Efficient for Farmers

With our rock picker farmers can expect to see an increase of 50% productivity on their farm. The Marshall Picker can straddle 15, 22, or 30-inch rows and pick rocks of 2 to 15 inches with ease. It can handle larger rocks when angled correctly and can also handle wet soil. What’s also notable, the bin can support up to 2000 lbs. of rocks!

See the Marshall Picker in action:

ATV/UTV Hook Ups

Season to season, farmers love the Marshall Picker’s responsiveness, speed and power to haul rocks. For optimal performance and safety, rock hauls should only weigh as much as the capacity your ATV/UTV can handle.

“It’s the only time rock picking is fun. I follow behind the 24 row planter and pick the rocks, using the wheel tracks as a guide. The ATV and Picker does not disturb the seedbed. Last season I picked 1500 acres by myself.”     – John V., Clarkfield, MN   

Marshall Picker Hitch Bar

The Marshall Picker hitch bar can switch between the “field operation” and the “transportation” position – used when moving on roadways or loading. This makes it easy for the Marshall Picker to go where you need to.              

“This side-car rock picker makes is easier to pull up alongside the rocks, pick them up and throw into the back wagon. The push-button hydraulics are amazing and I rarely have to get off the 4 wheeler. Although this picker is small in size, it does twice the work than what I could do with the larger rock picker…” – Patricia G., Elma, Iowa

Marshall Picker Maintenance

For regular maintenance and service we recommended changing the hydraulic oil once a year and greasing both reel bearings after every week of use.

We offer a one-year warranty on all parts and components.

The Marshall Picker is manufactured in Marshall, MN. Our team works with farmers locally to set them up for optimal efficiency and performance. The Marshall Picker can be ordered and shipped within the continental US.

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