A Rock Picker That’s Easy To Use Out In The Field

The Marshall Picker is designed to serve our customers by increasing your efficiency and taking on some of the heavy lifting that comes with managing a farm. The work is tough but we know it’s worth it. The Marshall Picker increases your productivity when you’re out in the field and helps reduce your labor costs with the many features it has to offer.

The Marshall Picker’s Ease of Use Out in the Field

The Four-Button Pendant Controller and Mesh Floor

The Marshall Picker is operated with a four-button pendant controller. Two buttons control the picking feature, while two others control the up/down of the hopper. It also features a swing hitch which has two positions: 1. Straight tongue position for pulling to/from field and 2. Offset tongue position for pulling up to the rock beside the ATV/UTV.

Here’s some of the feedback we’re receiving on the functional design and the Marshall Picker’s simplicity:

“I love my Marshall rock-picker – I am a farm wife and this machine has made the task of picking rock actually enjoyable. It is easy to pull with my 4 wheeler and by sitting closer to the ground than a tractor it is also easier to find the rocks. I used to have a large rock picker that was pulled behind the tractor and I found it to be too big and clumsy. This side-car rock picker makes is easier to pull up alongside the rocks, pick them up and throw into the back wagon. Plus it is easy to backup to dump the rocks as well. The push-button hydraulics are amazing and I rarely have to get off the 4 wheeler. Although this picker is small in size, it does twice the work than what I could do with the larger rock picker. My husband jokes that it is the best piece of farm equipment he’s bought for me – and I agree!” –  Patricia G.

With the picker positioned in the field position behind your ATV, you just drive alongside a rock for the picker to scoop up. The floor of the Marshall Picker is made with heavy-duty mesh which allows dirt to sift through, keeping only rocks in the box. This reduces the weight of your load and keeps space available for the rocks you’re clearing.

4 Button Pendant Controller on ATV Rock Picker

Rake on Rock PickerThe Marshall Picker’s Revolving Forks Act Like a Rake

The machine is fitted with two sets of revolving forks that act as a rake, which you can command to collect large or small rocks and with the pendent controls and fully automated picking/dumping processes, the machine can turn rock picking into a solo job. You won’t have to wait to have extra hands in the field to start clearing.  

Here’s what John V of Clarkfield, MN had to say:

“It’s the only time rock picking is fun. I follow behind the 24-row planter and pick the rocks, using the wheel tracks as a guide. The ATV and Picker does not disturb the seedbed. Last season I picked 1500 acres by myself.”

The Marshall Picker features a non-Jamming reel. The reel on the Marshal Picker can “Bounce” up/down to not allow a “wedged’ rock. This increases efficiency and decreasing downtime.

Marshall Machine Shop has been manufacturing machines with the finest quality craftsmanship since 1974. We are a family owned and operated business with a full-service machine shop. We pride ourselves in the details which result in simple powerful solutions for our customers.

We offer a one-year warranty on all parts and components.  Want to give the Marshall Picker a try?  Contact Us and we’ll get you all the details.